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In the ‘new normal’ restaurant & pub owners have to deal with lower footfalls & social distancing due to the pandemic. Since the lockdown, businesses have been shut resulting in no income while still paying fixed overheads. As restaurant businesses in cities slowly reopen, business owners are making all possible arrangements for social distancing and have taken all the necessary precautions towards the health and safety of their staff and their customers

The Problem

Restaurant owners invest in a lot of things to give their customers a great experience while on their premises. The Covid-19 pandemic requires higher levels of safety & hygiene. However there is still 1 aspect that restaurants need to address;  The concern that consumers have of inadvertently exposing themselves by physical interaction at their favourite restaurants. Therefore,




There are many companies out there that are offering Restaurant Owners:- IOT devices + monthly rental fees OR mobile app development at prices that can only be termed as opportunistic. Additionally 3rd party service partner  are actively interested in acquiring in-diner databases. The industry is highly suspicious of these partners due to past experiences and therefore need to retain their independence, profitability and data security.

But what do owners really need?

Very simply, they need to automate The Customer Order Process!. Everything else is already in-place ex: Paytm, Google pay, Inventory Management & Billing Software, Marketing & Promotions etc. There is also no need for any additional integration or support. In addition to reducing vulnerability & exposure to 3rd party partners.

The Solution

We can build you a solution that does just that- Automate the Consumer Order Process. An Interface for the Restaurant to digitalise their menu, upload pictures, change prices, activate / deactivate items AND an Interface from your customers. We don’t change anything that you already have implemented nor have access to your customer database.

Differentiations of our Contactless Ordering System

  • NO IOT Devices

  • NO APP Development

  • NO Recurring Monthly Rentals

  • NO Sharing Dine-in Customer Database or Daily Sales Figures with 3rd Party Partners

  • NO SMS Gateway Fees

  • NO Changing Existing Processes & Systems 

  • NO Additional Manpower Required 

Unique Selling Proposition

  • One Time Payment 

  • Go Live in 72 Hours

  • Own your own platform forever

  • Change your menu pricing to customer on-the-go

  • Activate / De-Activate dishes based on availability

  • Add / Remove dishes at your convenience 

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