Managing a running business is tough because there are multiple elements at play, both internally and externally that keep pulling & pushing at the business. This difficulty get magnified because as humans we are actually terrible at multitasking and keeping track of where every aspect of all client projects are at any given point of time . Welcome the Gantt chart: the perfect ally for planning & scheduling projects; that tells you exactly who is assigned to do what, when to start, how much time it will take to finish each element and complete the overall job. Its simplistic visualisation breakdown & highlights which activities overlap and the connections between interrelated tasks.  With absolutely no special training required; once the diagram is built, everyone involved in the project can easily understand whats going on.

6 Simple guidelines to help Optimise project Management within your SME or Startup


Guideline 1: You don’t need special knowledge or training or expensive software to start using Gantt charts for Project Management 


Guideline 2:  You DO need to drill down every aspect (step) of a project, realistically account for time & efforts against each step and assign individual team members who will be accountable towards completion of each task


Guideline 3: If the Gantt has many short steps it need to be updated at least twice a day so that everyone in the system is aware of progress and the next person can take over. Gantt charts don’t work if there is no information flow. 


Guideline 4: Visually indicate key elements (i.e. Milestones, linked tasks, summary tasks, collaborate discussions, file sharing, task progress)

Guideline 5: Build in Risk & Issues Escalation matrix in each main phase (it could be the head of the project, or head of the department or even head of the organisation). Someone with authority; who can step in to solve an issue or unblock a clog and ensure the project stays on track


Guideline 6: There are some tasks that need to be complete immediately and some tasks that can be done at another time and plugged in without derailing the project. Clearly account for those type of tasks; when they can be started and where will they plug into the process

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