Existing Problem: A pitfall for businesses when it comes to marketing strategy is Clarity. Band-aid strategy stems from a lack of clarity & reacting to external stimulus. It provides temporary relief without actually fixing the core problem.


Trigger Solution: Clarity helps businesses leaders arrive at what’s really stopping their business from achieving its full potential. Knowing what’s working & what’s not, what’s acceptable and out-of-bounds, Defining the parameters for success and its milestones. Creating a growth strategy from and with Clarity is the first step towards building an effective business growth strategy.


Existing Problem: Complicated, long drawn plans - kills ambitions and are rarely effectively implemented. They have but one destiny - failure with lost opportunities.

Trigger Solution: The third step is to treat growth strategy as a 'Living Plan'. It needs to be brought to life by everyone in the organisation. Companies must first look & articulate internally (i.e. Organisational Buy-in, Collaboration of internal teams, easy to understand, simple to explain, realistic to execute and financially viable) before detailed planning execution for end consumers.


Existing Problem: Knowing category codes, reading reports on trends and playing by the rules forces businesses to stay within the same mould as your competition.

Trigger Solution: For a business to create sustainable growth they must leverage Innovation with Speed, Depth and Precision of Insights. The second step towards building an effective business growth strategy is to help the brand define New, Unfair and Unique competitive advantages for business growth.


Existing Problem: 50% of marketing spends are wasted. Businesses don't know which 50% is working. 


Trigger Solution: The forth step towards building an effective growth strategy is to building communication around consumer need-states using technology frameworks. This enables effective real-time evaluation of campaign effectiveness. 

Our unique 1-on-1 workshop guarantees business owners and leaders in the SME & Startup sectors a 18 month go-to-market with Innovation and Results that deliver towards achieving your businesses growth agenda.

A few examples of concerns that our Growth Strategy solves:

Trigger Worldwide was built especially for the business owners and leaders of SME’s and Startups to achieve their Business Growth Agenda's. Our unique approach to Growth Strategy is a culmination of over 20 years of working with global networks agencies across B2B & B2C segments. Our rigorous process ensures business leaders with Clarity, Innovation, Return of Investment (ROI) and Agile Execution to ensure growth plans with tangible and sustainable results are achieved. 

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