SME businesses always tend to communicate to their consumers from WHAT they do. In some case they are able to explain even HOW they do it. They however almost never communication WHY they do it.


Think about it for a minute - Assume you are a restaurant in the city of Bangalore. As with most restaurants, you offer a wide variety of cuisines. This is how you most likely communicate to your prospect consumer:

Now, if you were a prospect consumer would you drop by for lunch ? Arguably, not.

When brands communicate from their WHY, they leverage their reason to exist, their belief system, their ideology into the communication.This is how you as a restaurant owner would most likely communicate with your prospect consumer:

Now, as a prospect consumer would you drop by for lunch ? 

Consumers today are not interested in WHAT you do (unless your the only one in the world that does it). They are mildly interested in HOW you do it (unless your process is unique & can guarantee results). They are interested, motived and get invested in WHY you do it.  Communicating from the WHY of your brand makes all the difference. Not only does it work for your prospect consumers but it also gives purpose & direction for your internal teams. 

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