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At Trigger Worldwide, we take tremendous pride in the positive impact we make on businesses at Strategic and Revenue levels. Below are only a small insight into the Inspired Futures we create for businesses


The Single Malt of Wholesome Honey Goodness

Business Problem: How do we achieve Consumer Preference in spite of consumers little knowledge of honey and blind faith in the well entrenched, myriad of honey players (domestic & international)?

Solution: Trigger Business Growth Strategic Solution - 3-day stakeholders workshop to Discover their Unfair Competitive Advantages. The workshop delivered a Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Result Oriented and Tangible 18-month Organisational Growth Plan that included Go-to-market strategies and Product Innovations and extensions for Accelerated & Sustainable Growth

Result: Honey R’Us would move from being the "Best Kept Secret in Honey Harvesting" to the "Best Shared Secret in Honey Harvesting", being available everywhere, sharing the knowledge of the Wholesome Goodness of 100% Natural and Pure Honey.


Refocusing for continued Brand Advocacy and Business Growth

Business Problem: How can we increase foot-falls and F&B sales in the city?


Solution: Trigger Business Growth Strategic Solution - 3-day stakeholders' workshop to Discover their Unfair Competitive Advantages. The workshop delivered Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Result Oriented and Tangible 12 month Growth Plan that also included Menu Innovations, New Experiences, Neighbourhood & Aggregator Strategies, Advocacy Building Strategies, Expansion and Sale Strategies for Accelerated and Sustainable Growth


Result: Urban Solace has a new business plan and a new brand marketing strategy that attracts 'new' customers, a new menu and service offerings and a route map to an inspired and profitable future. 



Business Problem: How can we reposition a product to create something that is Different & Desirable to our prospect customers that will help us sell better?


Solution: Trigger Design Solutions - Used our Design Thinking Solution to create Unfair Competitive Advantages that the brand can leverage in a competitive marketplace


Result: Repositioned the plotted development project to Uber Luxury Smart Villas that gave the business a distinct design direction. 



Business Problem: Liquidate remaining East Parade residential assets (4BHK & 4BHK Penthouses)


SolutionTrigger Sales Solutions - End-to-end marketing solution (Consumer Targeting, Pricing Strategy, Campaign Strategy & Management, CRM, Channel Management & Analytics, Sales Team Deployment, Pre Sales & Sales Management, Real-time Analytics, Media and Investor Channel)


Result: Successfully completed



Wilasa Villaments

Business Problem: Liquidate existing inventory to create revenue for future projects


SolutionTrigger Marketing & Sales Solutions - Lead Generation (Consumer Targeting, Pricing Strategy, Campaign Strategy & Management, Channel Management, CRM & Analytics, Pre Sales & Sales Management, Real-time Analytics, Media Planning and buying)​


Result: Over a period of 45 days, the Lead Generation Solution delivered 150 Marketing Qualified Leads, 13 Sales Qualified Leads and 20 units via Investor opportunities.  


Business Problem: To help a startup create a sustainable, viable and profitable business


SolutionBusiness Planning and Brand Design Solution - Business Planning, Brand Identity and Packaging Design 

Result: Brewed Leaf has a robust Business Plan, Growth Strategy in addition to the necessary brand identity and marketing elements to help them succeed in a highly competitive commodity tea marketplace 



Business Problem: To help BAMUL create awareness of its toned milk brand "Trupti"  


SolutionTrigger Marketing & Sales Solutions - Brand Awareness via Social Media Marketing    


The Emperors New Clothes

Business Problem: How do we build a digital presence worthy of our reputation, legacy, wealthy of knowledge and expertise?

Solution: Trigger Web Design & Development 

Result: We not only built CPPL a brand new website with the latest technology, cross platform integrations etc but also created the entire content from scratch which required a deep understanding of the logistics and supply chain business. Today, CPPL is ready for their new chapter in their growth story.

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