As an ambitious business owner, there are many things that keep you up at night. On your own you can establish the structure and strategy for your company. You cannot do down to the shop floor, loading docks or build every product or implement every solutions. You cannot be in the lab designing the next generation innovation. You have to rely on those awesome staff you’ve hired. Between managing Cashflow, Payments, Funding, Networking and Senior Leadership there is more than enough on your plate. 

Maybe you feel that your company is small so you leave a critical piece of the puzzle to the managers you’ve hired to manage… Employee Satisfaction. Managers are great when it comes to their job which by the way is not employee satisfaction.   

Maybe your company is big enough to have a HR Manager. HR Managers are great when it comes to finding talent, listening to employees issues (that you can listen to without having to deal with it directly) and communicating organisational policy changes. But beyond that most HR Managers fail miserably. 

Irrespective of the organisation size it is critical to Strategic HR Management is that your business keeps asking the right questions to get the information you need to make improvements. 


Employees, make the culture of any organisation; they are critical to the overall success (and failure) of the company. Their strengths become the strengths of the company (as do their weaknesses, potential managerial gaps and process issues).


So what do you need to do to ensure that Innovation, Customer Service, Delivery, Product Development & Quality don’t suffer because employees are disinterested or unhappy. Unfortunately ‘Hire & Fire’ is not a longterm solution as sooner than later no-one will want to join your company because of a bad reputation of Hire & Fire.

To keep your Strategic HR Management system running optimally, implement the following satisfaction surveys.


HR departments are as notorious from Ghosting candidates at all stages of the recruitment process as much as candidates are at Ghosting HR Managers.
Implement a Recruitment Process Satisfaction Survey with these 4 questions 


On a scale of 1 to 4 ( 1 Poor, 2 Average, 3 Good, 4 Great) how would you rate

  • Our Response Time 

  • Our Interview Process

  • Would you recommend our company to friends & family and WHY?

  • How can we improve our process?


A significant factor that results in mismatch of new employees is that they are not inducted correctly into the system; their Key Result Areas are not clearly defined and understood. Spare yourself and the organisation the inconvenience of a bad / mismatch hire. Implement a Onboarding Satisfaction Survey with these 4 questions 


On a scale of 1 to 4 ( 1 Poor, 2 Average, 3 Good, 4 Great) how would you rate

  • Our explanation of your Roles & Responsibilities to your satisfaction?

  • Our explanation on the parameters for your annual performance evaluation to your satisfaction  

  • What kind of management supervision do you prefer and WHY?

  • What do you think you additional need (training, resources etc) to do your role effectively?


Employee Performance Reviews are stressful for both the employee and reviewers. Increments are lower than expected. Employee retention is tougher and quite frankly replacing lost employees are not only disruptive and time consuming but also expensive. It is not always about what they (employees have done for your company but also what they company has done to make a better work environment). Implement a Performance Review Satisfaction Survey with these 4 questions


On a scale of 1 to 4 ( 1 Poor, 2 Average, 3 Good, 4 Great ) how would you rate

  • Receiving the necessary support from the organisation to do your job?

  • Receiving new learning & development opportunities to improve doing your job?  

  • Receiving new learning & development opportunities to improve yourself as a professional?  

  • What can we do to make your experience better?


Employees don’t quit companies they quit people. Truth is that Money is not in the top 3 reasons that your employees are quitting your company. Too often managers and management use performance reviews to lowball employees as one of the means to get them to leave. Another prevalent method by managers is to make life difficult to a point where the employee leaves.  Implement an Exist Satisfaction Survey with these 4 questions

On a scale of 1 to 4 (1 Poor, 2 Average, 3 Good, 4 Great) how would you rate

  • Us using your skills to good use?

  • Your relationship with your manager and Why?

  • Can you give us 3 suggestions where we can I improve our organisation for current & future employees ?

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