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Arriving at what makes your prospective consumer ‘Tick’ is probably one of the toughest parts when deciding on the Value Proposition of your product or service


Over the years, marketing teams and marketing gurus have devised many ways to be able to identify who their ideal customer is; starting with Socio Economic Classification (SEC) to M.A.N., to Buyer Personas. Each of these methods reveal different dimensions of a consumer. 


What these don’t cover is "But Will They Actually Buy?" your product of service after you have Identified, Informed, Dialogued, Nurtured and Motivated them.

In order to answer that, businesses need to dive a little deeper into the psyche of their prospect; not as a consumer but as a human. To understand What Will Make Them Tick when it comes to opening their wallet and handing you their hard-earned cash.

Keeping the article in-line and with focus on Marketing (taking for granted that humans in general are Good in Nature and Desire to be Happy); there are 5 dimensions that make people TICK; that businesses should pitch their Value Propositions around.



People find incredible comfort in Certainty.

e.g. Knowing that the sun will rise tomorrow is very reassuring and comforting to people


People like “Surprises” that they want or expect. Everything else is a problem. 

e.g. Finding out that your wife is with child is a Surprise that you welcome


People like to feel “Important/ Unique/ Needed”. After all, we are a population of over 1.3 Billion. 

e.g. Attentively listening to your grandparents' stories or playing games with your children 


People experience life via emotions and therefore love the feelings brought on by “Intimacy/ Friendship” with others.

e.g. Family holidays; Surprise birthday parties guarantee building stronger bonds 


Not everything in life is about acquiring money and status. People long for Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Growth.

e.g. Morning Yoga/ weekly temples visits 


Being social creatures, people look forward to contributing to the lives of others as much as it helps us relive our experiences

e.g. The elderly apartment uncle teaching your son to play badminton

How does your Businesses Value Proposition stack up against these 6 dimensions?

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~ Trigger Worldwide

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