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From the dawn of time, people have used stories to convey a message. Whether it was via cave painting, fairy tales, sign language, silent movies, written word and speech. Throughout the history of human existence, stories were told to transfer knowledge from one individual to another. Stories have the ability to captivate the audience, whether it is the lessons we learnt, journeys we embarked on, knowledge we gained, celebrating our culture etc. Storytelling has the innate ability paint pictures in our minds and inspire our actions.

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In the context of Marketing & Communication today, Storytelling is one the most powerful ways to breathe life into a brand because it enables brands to communicate the core reason behind WHY your business exists; WHY you have developed products and services; WHY you fulfil a consumer need better than anyone else. It is not about passing information but more about conveying emotions, experiences and needs, with the ultimate result of getting your audience to respond to your message and take action on it. There exist many ways to tell a story - Data Driven Storytelling, Mini Ads (like the display ads you see on social media), Consumer-led Storytelling, Philanthropic Storytelling, Immersive Storytelling, Foundation Storytelling, Crisis Storytelling etc. Whatever the route, the story must create, build and reinforce a human connection. 

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5 types of stories every founder/leader must learn to tell 

The Origin Story

The Vision Story

The Obstacle Story

The Customer Story

The Impact Story

Trigger Worldwide is a Brand Marketing Agency, built specifically for businesses to create Sustainable Growth. Our proprietary tools and process methodologies harness Technology, Creativity & Innovation, leverage Economic Drivers and Consumer Beliefs to help businesses overcome marketing inefficiencies and achieve their Growth Agendas.


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