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Businesses have had time to adapt to the new normal that we all find ourselves in; the pandemic has not only levelled the competitive playing field but also forced us to relook at some of the ways we conducted business and marketed our businesses. Blogging is definitely not something new and not every blog needs to be about generating money so, whether you're a solo entrepreneur or a big business, creating and maintaining a blog can help you create awareness, build credibility and promote your brand.


While there are significant differences (blogs vs. articles) - not just in the tone of the communication, the style of writing and the length of the communication, there is a significant overlap between the two. The purpose of this article is to highlight how it can help your business grow and what are the key areas to look out for when creating content as a blog or as articles. 

Here are a few things that businesses need to keep in mind before creating content (via a blog or articles) 


Why are you doing this? Is it about building awareness for your brand or building thought leadership or generating money?

Who is your audience? Who would benefit from/ be most interested in your content? You content will not appeal to everyone, nor should it. Remember that your audience is human and prefers quality over quantity in addition to entertainment. 

What is the Value you intend on providing your audience? What value will your audience derive from your content? Creating content that adds Value to your audience is critical to success.  

How will you consistently stay on-point? While developing a style of writing that is unique to your brand, staying within topics that you care deeply about makes it easier to not only staying on-point but also not risking running out of ideas.  

Where will your content be hosted? Will it be a stand alone blog or part of your website etc.

When should technology be used? Which digital platforms can further aid in promoting your content?. The world is digital so leveraging technology and digital platforms or even exploring video blogs should be considered.


Poor content can reflect badly on your brand. Invest time and effort into the content you put out. Consistency is a key factor; you must constantly create/ refresh content. Blogs and Articles take time to develop traction (even with paid promotion), so if you want instant gratification; this type of content creation might not be the one to choose. 



Creating content via blogs is one of the most cost-effective and time-effective methods for driving brand awareness and generating leads. Blogs help drive traffic to your website, they establish authority, help brands build a reputation, improve search engine ranking, build backlinks, enable networking, showcase a brand's personality, highlight expertise and connect with customers.

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