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Most businesses quickly design their Logo; define their Vision, Mission, Values; maybe even their Positioning Statements. Very few define their brand's Tone of Voice. In marketing, a brands Tone of Voice is how the character of your business comes through in your words. It's not about the content (what you say) but more about the way you say it and the impression it makes on everyone who reads or hears you

Imagine: a smartly dressed professional (that’s your brand logo), in a three piece pin-stripped suit (that’s your brand font), with a red tie (that's your brand colour). Now imagine communicating like a collage going teenager (that’s your brand Tone of Voice). Would you buy anything from him? Would you Trust him with your business? 


A brands Tone of Voice is as unique as a person’s fingerprint or their face. Some tones are pleasant and polite, others pushy and in your face. Some say much by saying little, others say a lot without saying much. Brands are like People; they demonstrate personality traits & characteristics that make them more relatable to consumers. Tone of Voice is an integral part of who brands are, how they express themselves and how consumers connect with them.

Checklists towards evaluating an effective and unique Tone of Voice 

  • Is your Tone of Voice aligned with your Brand?

  • Is your Tone of Voice grounded and Real to the culture of the organisation and it's brand Values

  • Is your Messaging Architecture for the brand clearly defined (Word Choices, Sentence Length & Structure, Rhythm, First person / Second person / Third person writing style, Jargon Usage, Obscure,  Buzzwords, Cliches and Contractions)?

  • Does your Tone of Voice stem from knowing your audience (their Wants, Needs, Desires, Likes, Dislikes, Vocabulary etc)?

  • Is your current Tone of Voice too Serious or uses too much Jargon or too similar to a competitor brand?

  • Does your Tone of Voice have a broad framework within which your brand communicates across mediums and consumer touch-points?

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Trigger Worldwide is a Brand Marketing Agency, built specifically for businesses to create Sustainable Growth. Our proprietary tools and process methodologies harness Technology, Creativity & Innovation, leverage Economic Drivers and Consumer Beliefs to help businesses overcome marketing inefficiencies and achieve their Growth Agendas.


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