Most often, the sales teams are quick to try and get a sale. They fail to understand the consumer's need-state or the consumer’s business & its pain-points.  Each consumer undergoes a specific set of challenges or issues that they believe is unique them. The Art of Selling involves the ability to converse with the consumer, identifying those areas of challenges/issues and have the product/service at hand seem the ideal choice.


An example of how most sales people in SME's and Startups approach selling

While there are some products and services that can be sold with an approach that is bold or even brash, most products and services require a nurturing (subtle) technique.

The Art of Selling : Step 1

Understand the nature of the product or  service in context to the consumers life.  What some people consider a small purchase might not be for all people (considering their cultural background, income level, upbringing, purpose of the purchase (be it a gift or for self). Be explicitly clear WHY you Exist, HOW you have made your product unique and WHAT your offer consumers. 

The Art of Selling : Step 2


Understand the prospect consumer. Does the product or service fall under a Want to Have or a Need to Have. Your prospect consumer already has access to information (via the internet) - from product videos to consumer reviews. Stop trying to sell to him, instead nurture his discover and aid his decision process. 

The Art of Selling : Step 3


Understand Assumption Vs Reality.  Just because companies believes their product is superior or consumers will accept bulk buying for discounts does not mean consumer feels the same way. Assumptions are just that - Assumptions. They are not the Reality of the consumer. Businesses don’t need festive seasons or discounts to actually sell. If they continually build solid relationships with prospect consumers they can and will get sales year round. Engage your consumer in his reality not with your assumptions

The Art of Selling : Step 4


Leverage Technology to build relationships. Make information easily available in exchange for contact details. Create integrated, multi-channel experiences, monitor & proactively manage your online reputation. Use Technology to break the ice instead of Cold Calls. That way when you do call the prospect consumer, the ice is already broken (They know your company and its credibility, you know their Wants, Needs and Desires). The call is actually a WARM Call with the singular goal of removing last mile friction. Engage your consumer where he is looking not on what you are comfortable with doing

The Art of Selling : Step 5


Understand the difference between Value Creation and Transactional Value. In the absence of establishing a relationship and demonstrating value creation, prospects are going to rationalise the purchase by its transactional value. The buyer of a BMW or Mercedes will always rationalise the purchase by the Value Creation of having that brand Vs the transactional value. Ask yourself the question - Why has brands like MG, KIA taken the market by storm while other brands are shutting down plants and working alternate days. Engage with your consumer with his needs not your price of fulfillment

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