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Creative copywriting is a critical aspect of modern business growth and success. It is the art of crafting compelling and engaging words that can persuade and influence an audience to take a desired action. It becomes an essential tool to businesses looking at growing their customer base and increasing their sales. Creative copywriting requires understanding the target audience and crafting communication that effectively conveys a message that the brand wants to communicate.


Copywriting has evolved considerably, especially with the advent of digital media. This has forced marketers to relook at their communication to ensure it is clear, authentic and on-brand across all touch points, across the customer value journey and customer lifecycle, and across platforms and mediums. 


Social media and e-commerce have created a competitive environment for businesses that are competing for customer attention, mind share and share of wallet. Creative copywriting needs to not just be compelling and differentiated, but also stand out from the competitive noise and clutter.


As technology advances and brands adopt a digital-first outlook, creative copywriting that is search engine optimized is equally important. SEO requires that content be keyword and key phrase oriented. Creative copywriting must be able to craft copy that is engaging, optimized for SEO, relevant to the target audience, and that communicates the message and is on-brand.

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So, what should a brand do when copywriting has to abide by so many rules? How does a copywriter fulfill these various requirements and yet maintain creative expression and freedom?


We put together 12 creative copywriting styles that brands can adopt towards achieving creative copywriting success in a digital first world.



Creative Copywriting 1

Creative Copywriting Style: Features - Advantages - Benefits

We know that customers have a low attention span. Furthermore they want to get down to what’s in it for them (i.e. What your solution is going to do for them).

The FAB formula:

  • Feature - What does your solution do?; what is the main feature of your solution?; what does it do that provides value to your customer?

  • Advantage - How does your solution help the customer? (i.e. what problem does your solution solve?; What is your solution’s USP?)

  • Benefit - Why does your solution matter to your customer? (i.e. how does it improve their life?)

Creative Copywriting 1

Copywriting Style: Pain - Agitation - Solution

The PAS formula:

  • Pain - What are your customers’ pain points?; what is the single biggest problem they currently face?; how do they feel about this problem?; how do they wish their life was different?

  • Agitation - Which emotion agitates this pain point?; what is the emotion connected to this pain point?; what fear does this person have if this situation persists?

  • Solution - What is your solution to this pain point?; what situation does your solution prevent?; how would your solution make them feel?; what is the ideal outcome that your solution provides?

Creative Copywriting 2

Creative Copywriting Style: Before - After- Bridge

The BAB formula:

  • Before - Shows customers where they are / Empathizes with their current situation?; what does your customer want or need?; how do they feel about their current situation?

  • After - Describe what the customer wants and give them the feeling of having it; a success story that customers can relate to; pictures that depict the outcome; words that communicate the positive emotion.

  • Bridge - Explain how the customer can get their desire fulfilled; what does the process look like?; what results can they reasonably expect in a specific timeline?; what do you sell that enables fulfillment/ success?

Creative Copywriting 3

Creative Copywriting Style: What - How - Why - Who - Next

The WHWWN formula:

  • What - What do you sell?; What is your solution?; Whom is it for?

  • How - How does it help the customer?; What does your solution do?

  • Why - Why does the customer need it?; How does it improve their life?

  • Who - Who are you?; What qualifies you to sell this solution?; How can you establish trust and credibility? What social proof can you offer to validate expertise or success?

  • Next - What does your prospect need to do next?; How do you want the prospect to act?; what would a strong call to action be?; how can you make that action effortless / frictionless?

Creative Copywriting

Creative Copywriting Style: AIDA

The AIDA formula:

  • Attention - How can you grab attention?; Make a surprising statement or unusual opinion?; State a shocking fact or statistic?

  • Interest - How to can you grab interest?; What story can you tell that will captivate the prospect?; What can you say about an issue that can be relevant or personal to them?

  • Desire - How can you create desire?; How does the prospect feel?; How do they want to feel?; What does the prospect desire?

  • Action - What is the desired action from the prospect?; Is it a free trail offer?; Is it a subscription?; Is it a purchase?; Is it more information?

Creative CopyWriting

Creative Copywriting Style: Star - Chain - Hook

The SCH formula:

  • Star - Who is the Hero/ Star? (Is the prospect or the product or an interesting fact the hero of the story?); How can you present it in a compelling and positive light?; How can you start the story in the middle where all the action is happening?

  • Chain - How can you build interest with multiple facts or features?; What does your solution do for the prospect?; How does it improve their life?; What specific pain point of the prospect does your solution solve?; What feelings does your prospect currently have?; What feelings would they like to have?; What benefits of your solution are most relatable to them?; How can these benefits improve their life?

  • Hook - What action do you want the prospect to take?; What is a compelling Call to Action that will deliver the desired result?

Creative CopyWriting

Creative Copywriting Style: Bob Stones’s Gem (Ad Guru)

The Bob Stones’s Gem:

  • Strongest Benefit - Who is your ideal customer?; What matters most to them?

  • Expand the benefit - What additional information can be provided that makes this benefit impossible to ignore?; How will your solution help prospects achieve the desired result?; How can the copy be made more memorable?)

  • Explain the outcome - How can the story be told that paints pictures in their mind?; Which features are the most attractive to the prospect?; How can these attractive features be highlighted?

  • Social Proof - What evidence can you provide that supports that your solution works?; Do you have case studies/ testimonials/ statistics that can be shared?

  • What is lost if they don’t take action - What pain point does your prospect want to avoid?; What happens to the prospect if they don’t buy your solution?

  • Summarize the most important benefit - How can you make this single benefit resonate with your reader?; What emotions will encourage action?; What is the inspired future that you can conjure for the prospect?

  • Call to Action - What CTA can be used to effortlessly cause action?; Can scarcity be used to motivate the prospect?; What is the desired action the prospect must take next?

Creative CopyWriting

Creative Copywriting Style: The Fan Dancer

The Fan Dancer formula works on the premise of intriguing the prospect thereby creating curiosity without revealing any information…

  • Bold Intriguing/ Curiosity generating Fact - What is a “real”/ widely accepted fact that the prospect knows about?

  • Reveal the solution - How can you tantalize the prospect with details that create curiosity without revealing information?

Creative CopyWriting

Creative Copywriting Style: Clear - Concise - Compelling - Credible

The CCCC formula:

  • Clear - Communicate your Value Proposition with clarity and void of buzz words or vagueness. You will lose the prospect if they don’t understand what you actually mean to say.

  • Concise - Keep the sentences short and to the point.

  • Compelling - Communicate the benefit of your solution within the first 2 lines of your sentence. 

  • Credible - Don’t make impossible/ unbelievable promises or claims about your solution. 

Creative CopyWriting

Creative Copywriting Style: The 6 formula

  • Set the context

  • Grab the prospect’s attention

  • Create a desire to solve the problem

  • Present consequences for failing to act

  • Present the solution

  • Present a compelling Call To Action 

Creative Copywriting

Creative Copywriting Style: Awareness - Comprehension - Conviction - Action 

The ACCA formula:

  • Create Awareness about a problem

  • Help improve comprehension by explaining it

  • Build a prospect’s conviction to solve the problem  

  • Present a compelling Call To Action

Creative CopyWriting

Creative Copywriting Style: QUEST

The QUEST formula:

  • Qualify/ Define the prospect customer

  • Demonstrate your understanding of where they are currently at

  • Educate them on a better way to do things

  • Stimulate the prospects interest by describing the features or benefits

  • Transition them from a prospect to your customer



Copywriting is about crafting persuasive and engaging communication that goes beyond selling products, services, or ideas; it connects with customers, creates relationships, and builds loyalty. It requires a deep understanding of human psychology, market trends, and customer behavior.


Creative copywriting, on the other hand, is a more experimental and imaginative approach to copywriting. It's about finding new and innovative ways to capture the attention of your target audience and build brand awareness. It can often leverage humor, irony, or other attention-grabbing techniques to make a memorable impression. It's an excellent way to stand out in a crowded market and build a unique brand identity.


Good copywriting is essential for all types of advertising or other forms of marketing communications including digital marketing, email marketing, social media posts, seo copywriting, content marketing, sales copy, writing copy for landing pages, buyer persona, potential customer funnels. It contains the framework on which engaging and persuasive content is written that captures attention, builds brand awareness, drives conversions, establishes relationships, and inspires action that in turn helps businesses and brands achieve their marketing goals and drive growth in a sustainable and effective way.

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Trigger Worldwide is a Brand Marketing Agency, built specifically for businesses to create Sustainable Growth. Our proprietary tools and process methodologies harness Technology, Creativity & Innovation, leverage Economic Drivers and Consumer Beliefs to help businesses overcome marketing inefficiencies and achieve their Growth Agendas.


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