The first step is to recognise that Brand Imagery is not just your Brand Identity or the (stock) photography that you use in your communication. It is not just what you use (images) or say (write) when you communicate with your consumer but it is also about the imagery that your consumers have in their minds when they see your brand & read its communication. 


Brand Imagery helps build compelling poetry, convincing narratives, vivid plays, well-designed film sets or descriptive songs. It allows consumers to directly sympathise with characters & narratives as they imagine themselves having the same sense experiences. It can take consumers back to their childhood, transport them to an aspired future, prevent them experiencing a potential concern or provide relief to a present & existing discomfort.  As consumers we experience life through all our senses. Hence creating & communicating through strong brand imagery will reinforce Familiarity, Preference & Trust. 

Trigger Worldwide was built especially for the business owners and leaders of SME’s and Startups to achieve their Business Growth Agenda's. Our Design Solution is a culmination of over 20 years of working in global networks agencies working with clients in B2B & B2C segments. Our robust process mythology helps SME’s to create powerful and distinctive Brand Imagery that helps your business create Unfair & Unique Competitive Advantages for Sustainable Business Growth.

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