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eMail Marketing has been around since the late 70s and is still one of the most effective marketing mediums IF used correctly. 


The top 5 reasons why eMail Marketing efforts fail and end up in a Spam folder are


This article is about the benefits of incorporating eMail Marketing into your marketing plan and how you should evaluate the effectiveness and success of your eMail Marketing efforts. eMail Marketing has a superhero type of power.

The Power of reaching consumers in a location that they visit every day, multiple times - Their inbox!

That’s not only a lot of responsibility but a great opportunity for any marketer. The benefits of eMail Marketing are Unquestionable  

The key metrics that every business should look for when evaluating eMail Marketing Effectiveness are


Open Rate: This is the number of customers that opened your email in relation to total number of customers you sent it to. Depending on your industry it could vary from 12 - 20% 


Click-Though Rate: This is the number of customers that clicked a link on your emailer in relation to the total number of customers you sent it to. The greater the CTR the more intriguing your email was.


Conversion Rate: This is the number of customers who bought your product/ service (by virtue of receiving your emailer) in relation to total number of customers you sent it to. 

(Note: just because you sent someone an emailer does not mean that they will buy it immediately. You might benefit from reading our other articles “Selling Vs Sales” and “Buyers Journey”)


Delivery Rate: Is a critical parameter as it shows you how many of your emails are actually getting into customer’s mailbox. If your emails are bouncing off fake email IDs it will affect your reputation with email service providers and they will put your ID on their blacklist/ spam list. Always remove (delete) email IDs that bounce back. 


Sharing/ Forward Rate: If you notice readers sharing your email on social media or forwarding the emailer to others it’s a good sign. It indicates interest and relevance of your emailer content.

By tracking the performance of your eMail Marketing Campaign, you get to know the audience better. By setting benchmarks and tracking the most important eMail Marketing Metrics, business leaders can analyse the efficiency of their current eMail Marketing practices.

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