Marketing has always been a pain point for most organisations. The plethora of advertising marketing and communication platforms, the continuous onslaught of competitors, a highly price-sensitive marketplace, limited marketing budgets, ever-changing customer preferences and expectations have put tremendous strain on the Marketing and Sales functions. Covid-19 and its effect on the economy have made businesses and customers relook at and reprioritise their wants and needs.

We put together a list of 25 Marketing Tactics that will help your business grow during these tough times.
All you need to do is choose which part of the Customer Experience Journey funnel you need ideas on then refresh your marketing strategy before implementing the tactic(s).

Trigger Worldwide is a Brand Marketing Agency, built specifically for businesses to create Sustainable Growth. Our proprietary tools and process methodologies harness Technology, Creativity & Innovation, leverage Economic Drivers and Consumer Beliefs to help businesses overcome marketing inefficiencies and achieve their Growth Agendas.

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