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Consumers choose NOT to buy products or services for different reasons. Most times they are honest with their answers on WHY they believe they don’t want to buy and sometimes they give you generic reasons. While the list below is not all inclusive, it reminds you of some of the things you probably heard before. Over a period of time hearing these responses can get frustrating not just for the Sales team but also the management.

Getting from NO to YES



  • Deal (internally) with the Rejection

    You may have spent days or even weeks getting in the front door or maybe even months, nurturing the lead. That’s part of the job. It’s okay that it didn’t happen the way you hoped it would. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and stand up tall.

  • Understand the Context behind the Objection 

    More often than not, customers will tell you half truths. They are not lying to you, just selective about which parts of the truth they wish to reveal to you. Stop trying to sell. Don’t ask “But Why?”. That only leads back to the answer they already gave you. Shift the topic to better understanding the context behind the objection… What has not been revealed. Remember that you are dealing with a person. With Emotions. You need to harness that emotion and add momentum

  • Rephrase their Objection

    Rephrasing their objection in a new and positive context where your solution is the saviour to their problem forces them to see a new possibility; to see it from a different angle; in a different light. Make their objection the reason that they should buy your solution

  • Deconstruct the Solution

    Sometimes the size of the solution is too much for a customer to bite. Break the solution down into bite-sized chunks. Yes, it might mean that you don’t convert their entire CRM/ ERP solution OR preorder one year supplies of office supplies from your company, but, you bridge the gap and get a smaller piece of the pie; to start with

  • Build Momentum

    There are 4 parts to building momentum!

    • Dial up The Pain
      ​Remember your customer is human and all humans feel Pain more intensely than Pleasure. They are designed to get motivated to get out of pain than to go a higher level of the status quo. Dial up the Pain! By showing them how continuing to not have that part of your solution impacts their life or the profitability for their business​

    • Fear of Loss ​
      People will do more to avoid a loss than to get a gain. Maybe offer a limited time discount or a value added service if they buy the deconstructed solution within the next week

    • Keeping up with the Joneses (Social Proof)
      People look to what other people like themselves are doing (social proof/ personal aspirations). Show them how others have benefited from your deconstructed solution

    • Press. Release. Repeat
      Keep reminding them of the Rephrased Objection (Step 3) and Dial up The Pain  (Step 5a) throughout the entire process

  • Reduce the Risk

    This does not always have to be about money refunds. Reinforce your commitment to be there: come hell or high water, to ease teething problems; quality assurance; performance guarantee; with 100% authenticity

  • Ask for the Sale

    Close the loop by bringing it home. Don’t be shy. Outright ask for the sale!

  • Go for Gratitude

    Send them a Thank You note or any other small token of gratitude once the meeting is done/ deal is made. Gratitude goes a long way in building a long term relationship

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