We all know marketing is essential for any business; Unless people know about your company, what it offers & where they can buy it; how will they buy your product or service?

In an ocean of marketing tactics available for businesses today, it can easily and quickly become overwhelming to identify Which ones to start with? What to expect? How long does it take to see results? How to measure results

Below are 5 questions to ask yourself before devising Marketing Tactics for your SME business

Are you willing to wait (6-9 months) for organic results? 

If yes, then investing on SEO will help create a flow of inbound leads and grow your business in an organic and sustainable way. Yes, cheaper too

Have you tried eMail Marketing to your eMail list?

Tap your old customers, clients etc with a strong eMail marketing strategy is another great way to do it. Depending on your category; the average open rate of a good email is about 15% while a good conversion rate is about 1.2% -  2% 

Have you tried using your personal social media account to market your business? 

Social Media is wonderful when your business already has thousands of followers and money to spend on reaching them. Using your personal social media account (ex linkedin) enables you to market your business to a great audience without having to build followers to your business page. Create engaging & thought provoking content so they follow your company

Do you use Hashtags (when you post content)?

Hashtags relevant to your business & category when posting on your social media is another great way of amplifying the reach of your message without spending money. Identify trending hashtags & don’t forget to create one for your company too 

What is your expected Cost Per Lead?

Paid advertising is just that - Paid. Defining your expected cost per lead will help your business devise a more effective marketing strategy to drive results

Marketing (the process of attracting & engaging with new customers to buy a businesses products or services) is a mix of Inbound & Outbound tactics. We live in a Digital first world; where customers go online before venturing out to visit stores (if ever) to buy products

Effective Inbound Marketing Tactics 

  • Search Engine Optimisation  

  • Email Marketing 

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing 

Effective Outbound Marketing Tactics

  • Search Engine Marketing 

  • Traditional Advertising (ex Print, Radio etc)

  • Digital Advertising (Social networks, Google Display Network)

MIND THE GAP (6 Rules)


  1. There is No Magic Wand 
    There is no roadmap for success. It does not exist; it cannot be replicated; it will not happen overnight

  2. Create a Plan (it does not have to be perfect)
    Every business is different and loyal customers of that business are different

  3. Start Small & Adapt Quickly
    You don’t need big money to start. But you do need to have a budget. Some things will work and some will not (depending on the Brand, the Category, the Culture, the Audience and the Competition). The key is to adapt quickly

  4. Do More of Whats Working
    When you start seeing success with a tactic, invest More Time, More Effort and More Money into it

  5. Ask for (Expert) Help
    You don’t have to know everything nor have to do it yourself. Reach out to specialists who can help you achieve your goals

  6. Nothing Worthwhile is Ever Free
    Cheaper may be preferred but where there are peanuts you usually find monkeys

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